We offer a unique range of options for students having earned educational credits in a related course from another university. Students can join us via the following options:

  • Migrations
  • Lateral Entry

What is Migration?

A student who has successfully completed a certain number of academic semesters/years via regular or distance mode from any recognized University and plans to complete an equivalent/same course from UGC Approved University. The student will need to provide a valid migration certificate during the admission process.

What is Lateral Entry?

If a student has done a Diploma (after completing 10+2 or equivalent) in a particular field, he/she can take admission in the 2nd year of the corresponding programme. This is typically applicable for Graduate Programmes and some Master Programmes , subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria prescribed by the University for the same.

Credit Transfer

“Credit transfer” means allowing a student of another recognized university to get admitted to  any equivalent degree programme on the basis of credits obtained by him/her from that University. A student thus admitted need not write  examinations for such courses which are found equivalent to and for which appropriate credits would be deemed to have been acquired for, and for purposes of fulfilling the requirements for award of a degree.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The credit transfer scheme is applicable only to those candidates who have not completed their degree from any other recognised university but are willing to complete it through  as per rules provided.
  2. Normally credit transfer will be applicable only from a graduate degree to a graduate degree and post graduate to post graduate degree respectively.

Instruction to be followed

  1. Do not forget to enclose your marks-sheet and syllabus of the courses which you have passed and against which you seek credit transfer. Note that the syllabus should be of the same year in which you passed the courses.
  2. Credit transfer will be permissible for those students who have completed 1st year or 2nd year through regular, distance or private mode from any recognized university.
  3. Credit transfer can be done only on the basis of individual courses and not on the basis of year to year courses as in conventional institutions.