The Directorate of Distance Education adopted credit transfer policy for UG and PG degree courses run by DDE as given below –

  1. If a Learner has completed his/her 1st year or 2nd year from any other university and wishes to apply for 2nd year or 3rd year respectively, he/she can apply for the same on the prescribed form along with the prescribed fee to the Directorate of Distance Education.
  2. The Learner will have to deposit all his relevant documents attested by a Gazetted Officer (with a clear seal of the name and designation) along with the application.
  3. The Credit Transfer fee will be Rs. 1500/-+additional charges of qualifying exam.
  4. The additional charges will be as follows –
S.No. Standard Charges
1 Traditional UG Course

  • BA, B.Sc., B.Com
Rs.500/-per additional paper
2 Traditional PG Course

  • MA, M.Com
Rs.700/-per additional paper
3 Professional UG Course

Rs.800/-per additional paper
4 Professional PG Course

  • MBA, M.Sc (CA), MCA, MA-JMC
Rs.1000/-per additional paper

Note-The above-mentioned fee can change as per the rules of DDE.

  1. The eligibility criteria and matching of the credits for that course will be done and according to the credits matched as per the norms of the University, the Learner will be given admission & promoted to the appropriate year.
  2. In case the credits are short, the student will be required to give the extra papers to match the credits.
  3. The student/learner will have to give an affidavit as per the prescribed format that all informations given by him/her are correct and all documents deposited by him/her are genuine. In case any information given by him/her is found fake or any document submitted is found fake, he/she will be liable for the appropriate administrative/legal action against him/her.
  4. The Directorate reserves the right to get the certificate/marksheets/documents verified by the issuing authority.
  5. The Policy of credit transfer will be applicable only in the degree courses at PG & UG Level run by DDE.
  6. The student/Learner may be allowed to take admission under Credit Transfer Policy depending upon the eligibility from Regular to Distance mode, Private to Distance mode and Distance to Distance mode. However as per rules, the student will not be eligible to take admission under Credit Transfer from Distance to Regular mode. The approval of the previous university under which the student has been continuing course under Regular/Distance/Private mode will be checked before giving the admission.