Health Science

sno.Faculty of Health Science , Medical and Mental AbilitiesEligibilityDuration
1Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences (BNYS)XII4YEARS/ 8SEM
2Bachelor of Physiotheraphy (BPT)XII4YEARS/ 8SEM
3Bachelor of Science Nutrition and DieteticsXII3YEARS/ 6SEM
4Bachelor of Science in (Homoeopathic Pharmacy)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
5Bachelor of Science (Medical Laboratory Technology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
6Bachelor of Science (Anesthesia Technology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
7Bachelor of Science (Biological science)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
8Bachelor of Science (Physician Assistantship)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
9Bachelor of Science (Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
10Bachelor of Science (Radiology and Imaging Technology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
11Bachelor of Science (Respiratory Therapy)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
12Bachelor of Science (Prosthetics and Orthotics)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
13Bachelor of Science (Neuro electro physiology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
14Bachelor of Science (Accident and Emergency Care Technology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
15Bachelor of Science (Critical Care Technology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
16Bachelor of Science (Cardiac Technology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
17Bachelor of Science (Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Care Technology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
18Bachelor of Science (Dialysis Technology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
19Bachelor of Science (Medical Record Managemet)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
20Bachelor of Science (Medical Sociology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
21Bachelor of Science (Audiology and Speech Language Pathology)XII4YEARS/ 8SEM
22Bachelor of Science (Radiotherapy Technology)XII4YEARS/ 8SEM
23Bachelor of Science (Optometry)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
24Bachelor of Science (Nuclear Medicine Technology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
25Bachelor of Science (Blood Transfusion Technology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
26Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
27Bachelor of Science (Medical Microbiology)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
28Bachelor of Science (Medical Transcription)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
29Bachelor of Science (Hospital Management)XII3YEARS/ 6SEM
30Master of Science (Biological Science)GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
31Master of Science (Nutrition & Dietetics )GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
32Master of Science (Hospital Management )GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
33Master of Science ( Industrial Biotechnology)GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
34Master of Science ( Medical Laboratory Technology)GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
35Master of Science ( Medical Microbiology)GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
36Master of Science (Medical Transcription)GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
37Master of Science (Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences)GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
38Master of Science (Occupational Therapy)GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
39Master of Science (Optometry)GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
40Master of Science ( Radiology & Imaging Technology)GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
41Master of Science (M.Sc.) Geriatric CareGRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
42Master of Science (M.Sc.) Medicinal PlantsGRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
43Master of Science (M.Sc.) Clinical ResearchGRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
44Master of Science (M.Sc.) Industrial Drug ScienceGRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
45Master of Science (M.Sc.) Mental HealthGRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
46Master of Public Health (MPH)GRADUATION2YEARS/4SEM
47Master of Physiotheraphy (MPT)BPT2YEARS/4SEM
No.Certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma CoursesEligibilityDuration
1Diploma in Medical Laboratory TechnologyX2YRS/4SEM
2Diploma in Nursing AssistancesX2YRS/4SEM
3Diploma in OptometryX2YRS/4SEM
4Diploma in Aurvedic PharmacyX2YRS/4SEM
5Diploma in Homoeopathic PharmacyX2YRS/4SEM
6Diploma in Veterinary PharmacyX2YRS/4SEM
7Diploma in Ayurvedic CompounderX2YRS/4SEM
8Diploma in Dental Technician & HygieneX2YRS/4SEM
9Diploma in Dialysis TechnicianX2YRS/4SEM
10Diploma in  ECG TechnicianX2YRS/4SEM
11Diploma in Health Care & ServicesX2YRS/4SEM
12Diploma in Health Information TechnologyX2YRS/4SEM
13Diploma in Industrial Safety & FireX2YRS/4SEM
14Diploma in Multipurpose Health WorkerX2YRS/4SEM
15Diploma in Ophthalmic TechnicianX2YRS/4SEM
16Diploma in Operation Theater Technology (OTT)X2YRS/4SEM
17Diploma in Refraction OptometryX2YRS/4SEM
18Diploma in Ultra Sound Technology (UST)X2YRS/4SEM
19Diploma in Ultra SounographyX2YRS/4SEM
20Diploma in X-Ray TechnicianX2YRS/4SEM
21Diploma in Blood Transfusion TechnologyX2YRS/4SEM
22Diploma in Cardiology TechnicianX2YRS/4SEM
23CT Diploma in Scan TechnicianX2YRS/4SEM
24Diploma in Pharma Sales ManagementX2YRS/4SEM
25PGD / Diploma in Nutrition and DieteticsGrad / X1YRS/2SEM
26PGD / Diploma in (Homeopathic Pharmacy)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
27PGD / Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences (DNYS)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
28PGD / Diploma in (Physician Assistantship)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
29PGD / Diploma in (Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
30PGD / Diploma in (Radiology & Imaging Technology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
31PGD / Diploma in (Respiratory Therapy)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
32PGD / Diploma in (Prosthetics and Orthotics)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
33PGD / Diploma in (Neuro electrophysiology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
34PGD / Diploma in (Accident and Emergency Care Technology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
35PGD / Diploma in (Critical Care Technology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
36PGD / Diploma in (Cardiac Technology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
37PGD /Diploma in (Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Care Technology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
38PGD /Diploma in (Dialysis Technology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
39PGD / in (Medical Record Managemet)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
40PGD /Diploma in (Medical Sociology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
41PGD /Diploma in (Audiology and Speech Language Pathology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
42PGD /Diploma in (Nuclear Medicine Technology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
43PGD /Diploma in (Blood Transfusion Technology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
44PGD /Diploma in (Occupational Therapy)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
45PGD /Diploma in (Medical Microbiology)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
46PGD /Diploma in (Medical Transcription)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
47PGD /Diploma in (Hospital Management)Grad / X1YRS/2SEM
48PGD /Diploma in AcupunctureGrad / X1YRS/2SEM
49PGD /Diploma in AcupressureGraduation1YRS/2SEM
50PG Diploma in UltrasonographyGraduation1YRS/2SEM
51PG Diploma in Maternal & Child HealthGraduation1YRS/2SEM
52PG Diploma in Geriatric MedicineGRADUATION1YRS/2SEM
53PG Diploma in Laboratory MedicineGRADUATION1YRS/2SEM
54PG Diploma in Clinical CardiologyGRADUATION1YRS/2SEM
55PG Diploma in NeurologyGRADUATION1YRS/2SEM
56PG Diploma in Ophthalmic TechnologyGRADUATION1YRS/2SEM
57PG Diploma in Forensic ScienceGRADUATION1YRS/2SEM
58PG Diploma in Emergency MedicineGRADUATION1YRS/2SEM
59PG Diploma in Clinical PathologyGRADUATION1YRS/2SEM
60PG Diploma in Health and SafetyGRADUATION1YRS/2SEM
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