No.Faculty of Agriculture  & HorticultureEligibilityDuration
1Diploma in Agriculturex3yrs/6sem
2Diploma in Agricultural and Horticulture Management: (Agro-Supplementaryx2yrs
 Animal Farm / Agro Farm Mgt / Horticulture Techniques)  
3B.Sc. (Agriculture / Horticulture)XII4yrs (8sem)
4M.Sc. (Agriculture / Horticulture)Reavant Bsc2 yrs ( 4 Sem )
5B.Sc. ForestryXII4yrs (8sem)
6B.Tech.(AGRI.ENGINEERING)XII / Rel Dip Engg4yrs (8sem)/ 3yrs (6 sem)
7M.Sc .(Ag).AGRI.CHEMISTRY & SOIL SCIENCEReavant Bsc2yrs / 4sem
8M.Sc .(Ag).AGRONOMYReavant Bsc2yrs / 4sem
9M.Sc .(Ag). EntomologyReavant Bsc2yrs / 4sem
10M.Sc Agricultural EconomicsReavant Bsc2yrs / 4sem
11M.Sc Agricultural HusbandryReavant Bsc2yrs / 4sem
12M.Sc .Agricultural ExtensionReavant Bsc2yrs / 4sem
13M.Sc MicrobiologyReavant Bsc2yrs / 4sem
14M.Sc .(Ag).PLANT BREEDING & GENETICSReavant Bsc2yrs / 4sem
MBA (Agri Business Mgmt)Graduation2yrs / 4sem
Diploma in Livestock AssistantXII1YR / 2SEM
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