Ybn University FAQ (Website)

What is NDL India?

National Digital Library of India (ybn university location) is an all-digital library that stores information (metadata) about different types of digital contents including books, articles, videos, audios, thesis and other educational materials relevant for users from varying educational levels and capabilities. It provides a single-window search facility to access digital contents currently existing in India as well as other digital sources under a single umbrella.

Who all can be benefited by NDL India?

NDL India has been designed to benefit all kinds of users like students (of all levels), teachers, researchers, librarians, library users, professionals, differently abled users and all other lifelong learners.

There are so many Digital Libraries. How is NDL India different from them?

ybn university namkum ranchi jharkhand will provide a single window search facilities to act as a one-stop shop for all digital resources. Information can be personalized based on the education level, choice of language, difficulty level, media of content and such other factors while other Digital libraries may not include all these choices. This is like a ‘customised service’ provided in a 24×7 integrated environment to suit a user’s requirement and will be like a one-stop shop for all.

For More Detail : – http://www.delhicareervision.in/