Norms & Procedure Bihar Board of Open Schooling

Norms & Procedure


A: Like any Open and Distance Learning System, although BBOSE expects the learners to be self-learners undergoing their learning from a package of materials and are mostly separated from their peers and instructors, it does not completely do away with human support. Learning packages are not enough … open learners need help and support from other people not only to be successful in their endeavour to continue learning but also in using the package effectively. With this view, BBOSE provides planned human support in different ways from the time a learner joins the system till the end of his/her successful completion. To provide this support along with the issue of easy access, BBOSE considered utilisation of existing available resources to provide better services by accrediting institutions to be partners.These AIs are usually recognised formal schools or reputed agencies involved in social or educational activities. These assist BBOSE in its various functions to reach out and to reach all.

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A: The Accredited Institutions are required to perform following functions:

Academic Functions

  1. To act as Study centres for the bihar board of open schooling and examination patna learners so that the access to study through Open schooling using distance mode is easy and is provided as close as possible to their place of residence or workplace
  2. To provide guidance to the learners particularly during the time of admission.
  3. To arrange orientation programmes for learners to apprise them of the unique features of BBOSE that they can avail of, fee schedule, important dates like last date of submission of application forms without late fees and with late fees, registration dates for appearing in the examinations etc.
  4. To arrange the orientation of teachers and other staff engaged in Bihar Board Of Open Schooling And Examination activities at the Accredited Institutions in collaboration with BBOSE.
  5. To prepare a timetable and organise classes of Personal Contact Programmes as per the schedule on Sundays and holidays in accordance with the curriculum requirement and as per guidelines provided by BBOSE by involving available PGTs and TGTs of the Institution as far as possible. Experienced retired teachers, if required, can also be engaged.
  6. To organise other types of face-to-face interactive situations on regular basis to retain motivation of the learners.
  7. To arrange practical classes for subjects involving practical work like science based subjects etc by making laboratory facilities available to the learners.
  8. To provide library facilities to the learners for referencing work.
  9. To make available the audio-visual facilaties available in the Institution for learners to use the media support materials supplied by BBOSE.
  10. To ensure that the subject teachers of the Accredited Institution undergo continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs) regularly on time to provide feedback to the learners attached to the AI and to send the TMA awards to bihar board of open schooling patna as per prescribed schedule.
  11. To provide correct guidance and motivation to learners.
  12. To prepare the learners for examinations.
  13. To act as an examination centre in order to conduct public examinations of BBOSE smoothly without allowing for any malpractices.
  14. To provide positive feedback to BBOSE with respect to improvement of the learning materials, learner performance and other related academic matters.

Administrative Functions

  1. To publicise the various courses/programs offered by the Bihar Board Of Open Schooling And Examination.
  2. To receive the Prospectus from BBOSE, to sell the same to the prospective learners.
  3. To register/ enrol learners for BBOSE courses as per the rules/guidelines for admission laid down by BBOSE.
  4. To receive prescribed fee for admission by way of cash/BD.
  5. To open a Joint Savings Bank Account in favour of Coordinator and 2nd signatory of the Accredited Institution in order to remit all receipts therein, and send one BD in favour of Secretary, BBOSE on the close of admission session.
  6. To maintain complete record of registrants, their duplicate copies of admission form etc.
  7. To receive study materials from BBOSE keeping a full record of all receipt.
  8. To distribute the study materials to the learners, without any service charges and to ensure that adequate and right type of materials are available at the Study Centre. Also, to keep full record of study materials issued to the learners.
  9. To receive and issue Identity Cards to the learners.
  10. To receive examination fees and send the same through one BD to BBOSE.
  11. To issue receipts for all payments received from the learners.
  12. To maintain stock of materials, equipment and other items supplied by BBOSE or purchased/acquired by the study centre out of funds authorised by BBOSE.
  13. To issue date sheets, mark-sheets and certificates to the learners and maintain their complete record.
  14. To maintain attendance register of teachers and learners attending PCPs.
  15. To function as examination centre of BBOSE for its examinations as an when required.
  16. To provide a separate Notice Board for learners where the timetable, date-sheet and other important information pertaining to BBOSE could be displayed.
  17. To put up a board outside the institution, displaying it as a study centre of the BBOSE with the Code Number of Accreditation for the information of public.
  18. To maintain liaison between BBOSE and learners necessary for the proper functioning of the Study Centre.

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A: The Accredited Institutions are required to perform following functions:Institutions who have a sense of commitment and desires to contribute in developing a learning society can become an Accredited Institution of BBOSE provided they satisfy the following criteria: Status and Recognition Of the Institution – The Institution has to be a recognized Secondary/Senior Secondary School affiliated to a recognized State Education Board / CBSE / ICSE, or – Other recognized institution of higher learning under the department of education/ colleges of universities of the concerned state, or – A NGO/ Registered Society of national repute engaged in education and philanthropic activities getting grant from the Government. Depending on the nature of the institution the following must be provided

Private/Non Government :Resolution of the concerned Organisation Management to run BBOSE courses
Kendriya Vidyalayas :Approval of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti
Navodaya Vidyalayas :Approval of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti
Government Schools :Approval of State Directorate of Education.

Infrastructure facilities required Each of these Institutions must have the following:
– Rooms to conduct contact sessions and examinations.
– Academic and non-academic Staff members.
– Laboratories to conduct practical work,
– Library facilities,
– Audio/ Video facilities
Depending upon the status of the institution, available facilities and its location, the Accredited Institutions of BBOSE are categorized into three types viz. A, B and C as given below:

Infrastructure facilitiesType AType BType C
Max. No. Of learners allowed to enrol500300150
No. Of classrooms20126
For Secondary Level1multipurpose1multipurpose1multipurpose
For Sr. Secondary Level1 each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science and Computer science1 each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science and Computer science1 each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science and Computer science
LibraryWhatever is available to be made accessible for BBOSE learners Whatever is available to be made accessible for BBOSE learnersWhatever is available to be made accessible for BBOSE learnersWhatever is available to be made accessible for BBOSE learners
Computer11 at least1 at least

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A: It is found that feasibility and viability of establishment of an AI depend on the number of learners at the AI, which should be neither too small nor too large. The following number has been fixed: ” There should be at least 50 learners in each session in each academic course permitted by BBOSE at the AI. ” The ideal number, which BBOSE expects in an AI, is 300 to effectively serve the learners and to be economically viable. ” At any cost no AI will be allowed to enrol more than 500 learners in each academic session. However, the number of learners will depend on the category/type found suitable for the AI. ” The AI is liable to be terminated if the average enrolment consistently remains below the minimum level for about 2 to 3 years. ” Decision about medium-wise, gender-wise and course-wise enrolment of learners at the AI will be that of BBOSE in consultation with the Institution willing to function as a study centre.

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  1. A willing institution has to apply for accreditation to function as a study centre of BBOSE through a standardised Application Form to the Director (Student Support Services), BBOSE. The copy of the Application Form is enclosed as Annexure -I. This form is also available in the BBOSE website to be downloaded for use. No photocopy of the Application form will be acceptable.
  2. The Application Form has to be duly filled in, giving correct information and substantiated by necessary documents wherever asked for, failing which the application will be rejected.
  3. The Application Form has to be endorsed and certified by the Management of the Applying Institution.
  4. The processing fee has to be deposited in the form of two Bank Drafts, one Bank Draft of amount Rs. 4,000/- and another Bank Draft of Rs. 1000/- both drawn in favour of CEO, Bihar Board Of Open Schooling And Examination. On Processing the application by the Screening Committee, if the institution is not recommended for inspection the bank draft of Rs. 4,000/- will be refunded to the institution.
    Application form without the processing fee will be rejected.
  5. All applications for accreditation are scrutinised by BBOSE as per the laid down criteria for accreditation.
  6. The Institutions found suitable by a committee are short listed for inspection by an Inspection Team constituted by the competent authority of BBOSE.
  7. The Inspection Team submits a report after inspecting the institution along with their recommendations.
  8. The recommendation of the Inspection Report is considered by a committee in BBOSE and if the recommendations are found suitable, approves and grants accreditation to the applicant institution. The Institution is granted a special code number, which is used for all correspondence with BBOSE and this is informed accordingly.
  9. If accreditation is granted, the Institution is requested to enter into Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BBOSE. The Memorandum of Understanding spells out the conditions for working as an Accredited Institution on the part of the institution and the BBOSE. These are not poise covenants but are obligations on the part of the Accredited Institution of BBOSE to follow the functions and activities stated in accordance to the mission of BBOSE.
  10. If accreditation is granted, the Institution is also requested to provide signatories who would operate a Bank Account that has to be opened by the institution to undergo all financial transactions in order to function on behalf of BBOSE.

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A: BBOSE may initiate proceedings for withdrawal of accreditation in case, an Accredited Institution is found indulging in any of the following improprieties. Failure to provide the necessary academic and administrative support to the learners as per schedule/norms fixed by BBOSE, Over charging the learners beyond the amount prescribed for fees by BBOSE, Accepting extra money towards service charges or for any other reasons, Non-distribution of study materials supplied by BBOSE to learners, Charging additional money for distribution of BBOSE study materials to the learners. Non-maintenance of proper records of financial transactions and stocks issued by BBOSE, Financial irregularities relating to BBOSE funds for purposes other than those laid down by BBOSE. Furthering interests of any sector, cast, religious group or political party or subscribe to objectives that go counter to the solidarity or unity of the country, Deterioration of physical facilities and unwillingness to improve them to meet minimum requirements in terms of satisfactory classrooms, laboratory and library facilities, Refusal to provide building and staff for the conduct of BBOSE Examinations, Inadequate supervision of the Examination Centre enabling learners to use unfair means/ mass copying during the examination at the center, Admission of less than 50 learners for three consecutive years, Non-fulfilment of conditions of partnership as spelled out in Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) executed with BBOSE, Poor academic performance of the AI functioning as a study center for three consecutive years and not being able to keep the performance. Any other misconducts in connection with the admission/ Examination/ any other area, which in the opinion of BBOSE warrants immediate withdrawal of accreditation of the Institution. BBOSE shall provide adequate time and opportunity to the Accredited Institution served with a “Show Cause Notice” up to a maximum period of three months for adequate compliance/removal of defects failing which BBOSE will declare the Institution disaccredited. Such a decision by BBOSE shall be final and binding.

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A: The Accredited Institution will associate the following personal for administrative and academic work on behalf of BBOSE. 1) Principal/ Vice-Principal – As Coordinator
2) Office Assistant – As Assistant
3) Peon – As Helper
4) Respective Subject teachers – As PCP Teachers
BBOSE will provide assistance in the following way: Academic assistance will be provided through:
>> Training of the Coordinators
>> Training of PCP teachers
>> Attachment of an Academic facilitator who is an educationist with sufficient experiences in the field.
For conducting Personal Contact Programme (PCP) classes, payment as per BBOSE criteria will be made to be AI which includes honorarium for core staff, PCP teacher and contingency expenditure. Once an Institution is accredited, it is obliged to follow the norms and criterion laid down by BBOSE for utilising this.

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