Bihar board open schooling academic facilitation

Bihar board open schooling facilitation

Q: Why Academic Facilitation?

A: Learner centeredness view of open learning has throughout emphasized on open entry, flexible curriculum, freedom to select courses and get assessed and choice of support materials. But learners in isolation encounter various types of problems such as lack of information about courses offered, admission time, place to contact, examination procedure etc. due to which certain targeted groups of learners are deprived of the opportunity of learning. The distance learners require not only educational guidance, but also a humanistic approach to deal with their problems. Besides it, the teachers/tutors who provide support through Personal Contact Programme (PCP) to clarify the difficulties of learners, come from formal system of education. They, normally conduct PCPs just like teaching in formal system. Therefore, these teachers need to be oriented towards the philosophy of open learning to help the open learners to pursue self-study.

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Q: What are the main Objectives of Academic Facilitation

A: Keeping in consonance with the objectives of bihar open school board 2019 & Examination the main objectives of academic facilitation are as follows:

  1. To monitor the functioning of the AIs regularly to assure quality.
  2. To provide pedagogical support to the teachers and the learners at the AIs.
  3. To respond to the learner’s needs and grievances, and to extend help in resolving their problems connected with the admission, supply of study-materials, change of subjects, issue of hall tickets, identity cards, mark sheet, migration certificates, pass certificates etc.
  4. To build a systematic channel of communication between BBOSE, and AIs.
  5. To continuously liaison with BBOSE for updating oneself with the latest amendments in the rules and regulations for admission, PCP, TMA, examination, certification, etc.
  6. To report to the BBOSE to provide insight into the actual problems of the AIs so that adequate steps could be taken to resolve the problems.
  7. To suggest BBOSE for better facilitation services for the AIs, teachers and learners.

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Q: Who is an Academic Facilitator (AF)

A: To supplement the functioning of BBOSE and to have better interaction with the AIs, the concept of Academic Facilitation has been envisaged. Such facilitation is to be carried out by personnel (to be known as  bihar board open school 10th result 2018 ) in the field having experience and expertise in education / educational administration. Each Academic Facilitator will be assigned the responsibility of facilitating and monitoring the working of few AIs in his/her area. He/She will be required to visit the AI once during admission, twice during Personal Contact Programme and once during the time of collection of exam fee for each block of admission. With the help of the Academic Facilitators, guidance and support will be extended not only to the AIs functioning as study centers but also to the learners visiting the AIs. Undoubtedly this will promote greater interaction between the provider and the users.

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Q: What are the Functions of the Academic Facilitators


  1. To check if correct information is displayed in the following way:
    • A separate DISPLAY BOARD outside bearing the AI name and code no / courses offered / contact number/ contact time / e mail address
    • A separate NOTICE BOARD for BBOSE learners displaying important Dates, PCP time table, and other BBOSE learner related information.
  2. To monitor admission process and procedures to ensure that Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of BBOSE is followed and there is no discrimination and other irregularities like overcharging of fees etc.
  3. To ensure that learners are adequately counseled in terms of choice of subjects.
  4. To check if correct information is displayed in a NOTICE BOARD separately for BBOSE learners with respect of Dates, PCP time table etc.
  5. To check that the learners have received the complete and correct set of study materials.
  6. To observe the conduct of PCP at the AI, interact with learners and teachers and impress upon them the relevance of interactive learning strategies and importance of self-study.
  7. To find out whether the requisite number of assignments has been given to the learners and whether the responses have been received back and assessed properly.
  8. To check whether audio video materials supplied by BBOSE are being used during PCP.
  9. To provide feedback to BBOSE on training needs of the teachers, coordinators and other personnel.
  10. To review the records maintained by the AI regarding BBOSE learners, teacher etc. and advise the coordinator about their proper maintenance, if required.
  11. To interact with the learners and provide them help in solving their problems connected with admission, TMA, PCP, examination etc.
  12. To understand the problems and difficulties, if any, of the AIs, provide help and send feedback to the BBOSE for effective functioning of the AIs.
  13. The AF should ensure that all learners registered, are coming for PCP at the AI only. In case of doubt, the AF must enquire from the learners and should report to BBOSE office.
  14. The AF should advise the AI in engaging other teacher/tutor for any subject if a teacher for the subject(s) is not available in AIs and learners should not be discouraged from taking these subjects at AIs.
  15. The AF has to orient the tutors about their specific role as a tutor for effective and interactive PCPs.

Thus, the Academic Facilitators will be an important link between BBOSE and the AIs in order to make the functioning of the study centre effective right from the time of admission to the examinations ensuring quality in the services provided to the BBOSE learners.

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Q: What will be the Schedule of Visit to the AIs?

A: The Academic Facilitator will be required to visit the AI in consultation with BBOSE as follows:

  1. once during Admission time (during the month of August for Block –I and during the month of February for Block-II of admissions) to check the status of admission, the available infrastructure and preparedness of the AI in terms of serving the BBOSE learners.
  2. twice during Personal Contact Programmes (with a gap of 10-15 sessions). The first PCP starts from 1st Sunday of October for first Block of Online admission and 1st Sunday of April for Second Block of admission at the AI.
  3. once during pre-examination period (within 10 days before the starting of the examinations). The examinations normally start from first week of April for April/May and from first week of October for Oct/Nov examinations.
  4. The total number of visits in an academic year may not exceed Eight (four visits for Block- I and four visits for Block-II of admissions).
  5. The AF has to advise the AI for conducting 30 PCP sessions per subject for theory and 5 additional sessions for practicals. It will be in the interest of the learners if AFs take care of the academic problems of the learners and the AIs and try to solve them.

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